MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED!: Interviewee Biographies A-Z

Allan Arkush - Director/Former New World Trailer Editor


Allan is an Emmy-winning television director who began his career in the New World trailer department selling cheap and cheerful B-movies to an appreciative drive-in audience.

Allan worked his way up through the New World ranks to co-direct HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD with Joe Dante and achieved cult immortality when he directed the Ramones in ROCK' N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL.

Judy Brown - Actress

After being menaced by live cobras and subjected to all manner of medieval torture devices in her two Filipino forays, THE BIG DOLL HOUSE and WOMEN IN CAGES, Judy realised there were much easier ways to make a living and opened a Bed and Breakfast in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Andrea Cagan - Actress
3.jpg Decades before Andrea became the celebrated author of the #1 New York Times bestselling biographies of Diana Ross and Grace Slick, she was stripped nude and hosed down in the titular chamber featured in Roger Corman's Filipino opus, THE HOT BOX - and declared that it was "empowering to women" in the process.
Colleen Camp - Actress

Colleen Camp made her film debut in BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES, and just when she thought she couldn't appear in a worse film she was sent to the Philippines to star in EBONY, IVORY & JADE.

She has gone on to amass over 100 motion pictures and television credits including most recently a belated PORKY'S sequel, PIMPIN' PEEWEE.

Steve Carver - Director/Former New World Trailer Editor

Steve began his career in New World Pictures' trailer department coining such immortal taglines as, "They wanted love - she gave them terror and death".

He eventually topped this achievement when, serving as Director, he teed off a sweater wearing David Carradine against Chuck Norris for the ultimate kung fu showdown in LONE WOLF McQUADE.

Marlene Clark - Actress


In the '70s Marlene Clark was an exploitation cinema mainstay appearing in such films as, BEWARE! THE BLOB, GANJA AND HESS, SLAUGHTER, SWITCHBLADE SISTERS and ENTER THE DRAGON.

She journeyed to the Philippines to portray a predatory reptile in NIGHT OF THE COBRA WOMAN - and then subjected herself to an onscreen rape by a dozen over enthusiastic midgets in BLACK MAMBA - all in the name of art.

Roger Corman - Producer

Affectionately known as "the King of the B's", Roger has produced close to 400 films as well as served as director on over 50 features, including a series of celebrated Edgar Allan Poe (loose) adaptations. His credits include THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES, THE WILD ANGELS and BLOODY MAMA. 

In the early '70s, in an effort to save a dime, he relocated production of a number of "Women In Prison" films to the Philippines beginning with THE BIG DOLL HOUSE. His B-grade productions have been the launching pad for countless A-grade filmmakers including Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard and James Cameron.

R Lee Ermey - Actor/Military Advisor

A US Marine Corps veteran, R Lee was cast in his first movie while attending the University of Manila in the Philippines. He was soon recruited as a technical advisor to director Francis Ford Coppola on APOCALYPSE NOW.

He is now best known for his role as tough drill instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrick's FULL METAL JACKET and has made a lucrative career out of playing the same character ever since.

Joe Dante - Director/Former New World Trailer Editor

Joe Dante began his film making apprenticeship in New World's trailer department. Alongside Allan Arkush he co-directed the thinly disguised New World spoof, HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD before hitting box office boffo with the belated JAWS rip-off, PIRANHA.

He has continued to bring his B-movie sensibility to big budget Hollywood productions including GREMLINS, INNERSPACE and SMALL SOLDIERS.

Jon Davison - Producer/Former New World Director of Advertising 

In 1972 Jon Davison began working in the New World advertising and publicity department. His many contributions to the company include coining the tagline for the sordid STREET GIRLS: "Wet dreams in open jeans".

Davison famously bet Roger Corman he could produce the lowest budget film New World had made at the time - and delivered HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD in 10 days for under $60,000. He graduated to producing Hollywood blockbusters including ROBOCOP and STARSHIP TROOPERS.

Eddie Garcia - Actor 


Eddie Garcia is a respected and prolific Filipino actor and director. His 400+ credits include many US co-productions including BEAST OF BLOOD, THE BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT, BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA, THE WOMAN HUNT and SAVAGE SISTERS.

Remarkably, even with these credits under his belt, he is the most awarded person in the history of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences.


Franco "Chito" Guerrero - Actor 

A member of Bobby Suarez's stock company of actors, Franco appeared as the love-interest in THEY CALL HER CLEOPATRA WONG and then (more convincingly) as a cross-dressing crime-fighter in DEVIL'S ANGELS.

He finally achieved drive-in fame as the low budget Filipino Charles Bronson, portraying the stone-faced vigilante, THE ONE-ARMED EXECUTIONER.

Sid Haig - Actor


Big, bald and bearded, Sid Haig has cut an imposing figure across the big and small screen for over 50 years, appearing in such seminal exploitation films as SPIDER BABY, FOXY BROWN, GALAXY OF TERROR and THE DEVIL'S REJECTS.

In the early '70s he was a mainstay of Filipino genre cinema notching up many credits including THE BIG DOLL HOUSE, THE BIG BIRD CAGE, BLACK MAMA WHITE MAMA, BEYOND ATLANTIS, THE WOMAN HUNT and SAVAGE SISTERS.

Gloria Hendry - Actress 

Gloria is best known for being the first African American love interest to 007 in LIVE AND LET DIE. Riding high on her Bond girl fame, Gloria ignored the advice of her agent and took the top billed role in the Philippines-lensed SAVAGE SISTERS.

Her big-screen acting career is yet to recover.

Jack Hill - Producer/Director 

Jack Hill is justifiably regarded as exploitation cinema royalty. After discovering Pam Grier working as a receptionist he cast her in a number of films that single handedly launched the "Women In Prison" genre (THE BIG BIRD CAGE, THE BIG DOLL HOUSE), breathed new life into the blaxploitation genre (COFFY, FOXY BROWN) and in the process established Grier as cinema's number one Soul Sister of the '70s. 

Darby Hinton - Actor


Darby graduated from portraying Daniel Boone's son for Disney to slicing open female Karate champ Jillian Kesner's costume in the place of foreplay with his very own ratchet knives for Cirio H. Santiago in FIRECRACKER.

Rosanne Katon - Actress

Playboy playmate turned exploitation Queen, Rosanne journeyed to the Philippines to karate kick her way to freedom in a couple of Cirio Santiago adventures, EBONY, IVORY & JADE and THE MUTHERS.

Her other genre credits include MOTEL HELL, THE SWINGING CHEERLEADERS, and ZAPPED!

Jayne Kennedy - Actress 

A former Miss Ohio USA, Playboy cover girl and Ding-a-ling sister on ROWAN & MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN, Jayne ass-kicked her way through the Filipino jungle in THE MUTHERS - an experience which served her well when it came time to tackling the world of male-dominated sports announcing.

She fought her way to being one of the first women to infiltrate this field.

Paul Koslo - Actor

Paul cemented his cult status by appearing in a number of eccentric Hollywood gems (VANISHING POINT, THE OMEGA MAN, FREEBIE AND THE BEAN) and starring alongside The Duke in ROOSTER COGBURN. His big screen debut involved taking on the entire Chinese army in the action-packed counter-culture classic, THE LOSERS, shot in the Philippines.

John Landis - Producer/Director 

John started his filmmaking career at the age of 21 dressed in a gorilla suit helming the simian satire SCHLOCK - and has gone on to direct (minus the ape suit) some of Hollywood's most successful films including ANIMAL HOUSE, THE BLUES BROTHERS, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, TRADING PLACES, COMING TO AMERICA and Michael Jackson's THRILLER music video.

Marrie Lee - Actress 


Marrie Lee's career began at age 17 when she answered an advert in the paper asking, "Are you smart, sexy and seductive?". She auditioned in a miniskirt and won the title role in Bobby A. Suarez's THEY CALL HER CLEOPATRA WONG. 

Marrie braved all manner of injuries as she reprised the role in two sequels of decreasing quality and safety conditions (DYNAMITE JOHNSON and THE DEVIL'S ANGELS) before hanging up her karate kicking Go-go boots for good.

Margaret Markov - Actress 

Margaret Markov was one of the leading go-to girls when it came to casting statuesque, liberated blondes in '70s drive-in epics. She appeared in PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW and THE HOT BOX before being paired with Pam Grier to great effect in BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA and THE ARENA.

She married B-actor turned A-producer Mark Damon and promptly retired to Beverly Hills. 

Dick Miller - Actor/Writer


A regular fixture in not only the films of Roger Corman, but also his many protégés, Dick established himself as one of the most beloved character actors ever to appear on the drive-in screen. His countless credits include A BUCKET OF BLOOD, THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, NEW YORK NEW YORK, THE HOWLING, GREMLINS and THE TERMINATOR.

Dick was paid $500 to rewrite the TNT JACKSON script - and hasn't put pen to paper since.

Christopher Mitchum - Actor

Following in the footsteps of his father, Robert Mitchum, Chris began his film career appearing in John Wayne pictures. He quickly graduated to portraying a biker battling Sasquatch in BIGFOOT - and just when he thought his filmography couldn't contain any more obscure titles, he starred in a number of Filipino martial arts B-movies including COSA NOSTRA ASIA and MASTER SAMURAI - safe in the knowledge that no one back in the US would ever see these crimes against cinema.

Eddie Romero - Producer/Director

Eddie is considered a pioneer of Filipino cinema and a National treasure. After teaming up with established local filmmaker Gerry de Leon and US producer Kane Lynn, Eddie started making films for the lucrative US drive-in market. He delivered a large quota of blood, breasts and beasts in such titles as TERROR IS A MAN, BRIDES OF BLOOD, BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT, THE TWILIGHT PEOPLE, THE WOMAN HUNT and SAVAGE SISTERS.

Eddie was named National Artist of the Philippines in 2003. 

Fred Roos - Producer


Fred is an Academy Award winning producer whose long-standing partnership with acclaimed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola started with him employed as casting director on THE GODFATHER. He graduated to producing PART II of the GODFATHER saga and was responsible for locating the much-troubled production of APOCALYPSE NOW to the Philippines. A decision he, remarkably, does not regret.

Laurie Rose - Actress

After playing her quota of stalked co-eds (THE ROOMATES, WORKING GIRLS, BLOOD VOYAGE), Laurie journeyed to the Philippines where her roles broadened to portraying a kidnapped and violated nurse (THE HOT BOX) and white flesh sold into slavery (THE WOMAN HUNT).

After retiring from acting she reinvented herself as International belly dance star and instructor, Mesmera.

Samuel M. Sherman - Producer/Distributor 

Sam started his film career cutting trailers and designing wild advertising campaigns for Hemisphere Pictures' Filipino productions. After creating the "Oath of green blood" to help sell THE MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND he partnered with filmmaker Al Adamson and produced a slew of low-budget drive-in fodder including DRACULA Vs FRANKENSTEIN, PSYCHO A GO-GO, BLAZING STEWARDESSES and GIRLS FOR RENT.

Brian Trenchard-Smith - Director

Since his karate chopping directorial debut, THE MAN FROM HONG KONG, Brian has applied his high-camp sensibility to over 30 feature films working in niche genres unexplored by most mainstream directors - the atomic-dog genre, the killer-leprechaun genre, to name but a couple.

However, his greatest achievement is surviving directing Wings Hauser in the Philippines-lensed THE SIEGE OF FIREBASE GLORIA.

Trina Parks - Actress


Trina Parks became the first African-American female in a Bond movie when she played Thumper in Diamonds Are Forever (1971).

Parks went on to play a lead role in the The Muthers (1976) – the first and only film to have four black women leads. 


Dean Tavoularis - Production Designer 

Dean is an Academy Award winning production designer whose impressive list of credits include BONNIE AND CLYDE, ZABRISKIE POINT, LITTLE BIG MAN, THE GODFATHER trilogy and HEAT.

While making APOCALYPSE NOW in the Philippines, Dean spent months building grand and painstaking sets only to see them demolished by hurricane Olga. To this day he is still unable to watch the film.

Joe Viola - Writer/Director 


Straight out of the advertising industry, Joe partnered with novice producer Jonathan Demme to bring a duo of exploitation classics to the drive-in screen for Roger Corman - ANGELS HARD AS THEY COME and the Philippines based THE HOT BOX.

After penning the Pam Grier vehicle, BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA, he turned his talents to the small screen writing for shows as diverse as THE BIONIC WOMAN and LAW & ORDER.

Patrick Wayne - Actor 

Boasting a square jaw, blue eyes and 6'2" frame, there was no doubt actor Patrick Wayne would end up in the Philippines battling humanoid fish creatures in BEYOND ATLANTIS.

As well as appearing in a large number of westerns - many alongside his father, John Wayne - Patrick starred in the large-scale fantasy adventures SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER and THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT.

Celeste Yarnall - Actress 


Boasting a CV full of ultra cool cult TV credits (including THE WILD, WILD WEST, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. and STAR TREK) as well as roles in BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE and LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE, Celeste went from being wooed by both Elvis Presley and Captain Kirk to being terrorised by a paper-mâché-faced monster in BEAST OF BLOOD (1971). 

Celeste didn't think of this as a career hiccup until she discovered her dressing room in the Philippines was a cave that also doubled as the men's latrine!

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